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Social Welfare Activities

Currently Social Welfare Projects of Koinonia Bishop House are focused on rehabilitation of the Differently Abled Children and medical care and support for the Kidney Patients. For this purpose, the Koinonia Bishop House formed two projects namely Mar Athanasius Rehabilitation Centre (Mar Athanasius Special School) and Eldho Mar Baselious Dialysis Centre (EMBDC).

Disability affects many people, directly or indirectly. Differently Abled was first proposed (in the 1980s) as an alternative to disabled, handicapped, etc. on the grounds that it gave a more positive message and so avoided discrimination towards people with disabilities.


  • To strengthen access to generic services by people with disabilities
  • To strengthen across-government linkages
  • To strengthen individuals, families and concierges
  • To improve long-term strategies to respond to, and manage demand for, specialist disability services


  • Social integration programme for the differently abled persons at different levels
  • Empowering them to organizing their lives
  • Livelihood support
  • Support for medical screening, treatments, follow ups and medicines.
  • Patient care & physiotherapy
  • Educational helps for the Differently abled children
  • Making them to attain necessary mobility devices
  • Relief from total dependency
  • Awareness programme

There are several people from the less fortunate strata of our society in and around us, who perish either because of their inability to afford the expensive dialysis service at private hospitals or because of not getting a slot in government/public hospitals at the right time. Dialysis is a long drawn treatment that is given to patients once or twice a week, over long periods of time under constant medical supervision. Perumbavoor Region of the Ankamaly Diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church designed and started the construction of a dialysis centre named ELDHO MAR BASELIOUS DIALYSIS CENTRE (EMBDC). We wish to start a Charity Dialysis Centre. The building for the project is under construction, but with the help of generous people. By offering free or subsidized dialysis treatment, our Dialysis Centre will be a great support for those who are impaired with kidney diseases. This project provides love and relief to those who are perplexed before poverty and disease because of the lack of money for medicine and treatment.


  • To provide an optimal integrated service in detection and management.
  • Increase community awareness of chronic kidney disease risk factors and management of complications.
  • Expand and enhance treatment options for patients with end stage kidney disease.
  • Ensure the availability of continuous coordinated multidisciplinary clinical and psychosocial care for patients on dialysis.

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