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Administration > > Patriarch of Antioch

Administration > > Metropolitan : H.B. Mor Baselios Thomas I Catholicose

Catholicose Mor Baselios Thomas I (C.M. Thomas) was born to Mathai and Kunjamma of the Cheruvillil family in Vadayambadi near Puthencruz on July 22, 1929. His priestly formation was under the guidance of Mor Philaxenose Palouse (later Catholicose Mor Baselios Paulose II) who ordained him korooyo in 1952 and mshamshono in 1957. In 1958, he was ordained as a priest by Mor Yulius Elias Qoro in September 1958 at Manjanikkara; and thus become the 43rd priest from his family. He became well-known as a prominent gospel preacher in and around the Church.
The Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Association, held at Karingachira St. George Church in January 1974, elected Fr. C.M. Thomas to the episcopate. He was consecrated as the metropolitan of the Ankamaly Diocese by the then Patriarch Mor Igantius Ya'qub III on February 24, 1974 at Damascus and given the name Mor Dionysius. After the demise of Mor Gregorios Geevarghese (known as Perumpally Thirumeni and with whom Mor Dionysius was consecrated) in February 1999, he has become the President of the Holy Synod of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church. On December 27, 2000 the delegates meeting of the Church held at Puthencruz elected him unanimously as the Catholicose-Designate; and it was entrenched again later on June 6, 2002 when the Malankara Association was reconstituted under the newly formed constitution. Hence Mor Dionysius Thomas was elevated to the position of Catholicose by the then Patriarch His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas on July 26, 2002 at Ma'rat Sayyidnaya in Damascus, and given the name Mor Baselios Thomas I. As the head of the Church in India, the Catholicose presides over the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Church which includes all the metropolitans of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church in India. He is also the Metropolitan Trustee of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church as well. Since his instatement as the metropolitan of the Ankamaly Diocese, Mor Baselios Thomas I has been serving the diocese as its shepherd.

Administration > > Regional Bishop : H.G. Mathews Mor Aphrem

Mathews Mor Aphrem (James C.S.) was born to Skaria and Sossamma of the Chitteth family at Panamaram in Wayanad. After securing his Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Calicut, James joined the Malecruz Dayaro for his theological education, and later earned a Diploma in Theology from the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary at Vettikkal, Mulanthuruthy. Meantime he was called to the rank of koruyo on March 14, 1991 by Thanono Dr. Yuhanon Mor Philexinos metropolitan of the Malabar Diocese; to the position of Apudiyaqono on April 19, 1993 by Geevarghese Mor Gregorios of Perumpally; and to the vocation of kashisho (priest) in 1994 by Thanono Dr. Yuhanon Mor Philexinos. It was at the renowned Maharajas College Ernakulam, he did his Masters in Economics. Then he joined the United Theological College at Bangalore and obtained the degrees of Bachelors in Divinity and Masters in Theology. After completing his theological studies, he joined the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary at Vettikkal as a faculty. In the year 2004, Fr. James went to the United States of America for pursuing his theological education and was called to Bishophood in 2006.
The Holy Episcopal Synod of the Church met in the year 2006 decided to appoint separate bishops for the four different regions of the Ankamaly Diocese. The Diocesan Council of the High Range Region of the Ankamaly Diocese unanimously suggested the name of Fr. James as the metropolitan of the region. Accordingly, Fr. James was ordained as a Ramban (monk) by Mor Baselios Thomas I Catholicose on July 2, 2006 and assumed the name Nahum. On July 3, 2006, while the church celebrates St. Thomas Day, Ramban Nahum, along with four other monks, elevated to the position of bishophood by Mor Baselios Thomas I Catholicose at St. Thomas Church, N. Paravur. The new bishop of the High Range Region received the name Mathews Mor Aphrem. Later in 2008, metropolitan Mathews Mor Aphrem was appointed as the bishop of Perumbavoor Region of the Ankamaly Diocese.

Administration > > Office Manager

Thekkineth House
Allapra P.O, Perumbavoor
Phone - +91 9947 701895

Administration > > Regional Diocesan secretary


Administration > > Project Co-ordinators

Mar Athanasius Rehabilitation Centre (Special School)

Vellanjil House
Mudackuzha P.O
Vengoor (Via), Perumbavoor
Phone - +91 9496 462513

Eldho Mar Baselious Dialysis Centre

Chirangara House,
Iringole P.O, Perumbavoor
683 548
Phone -+91 9447 169675

Administration > > Regional Diocesan Council

Pathiyarathuparambil House,
Phone - 9495813202
Rev.Fr.Pathrose Cheruthottil
Cheruthottil House
W. Vengola
Phone – 9447172291
Rev.Fr.Eldho Chirangara
Iringole P.O.
Phone - 9447169675
Adv. Arun Paul
Panayil House
West Vengola
Phone - 9446426534
Mr. Biju Paul
Kaniyamkudy House
Phone – 9447053626
Mr. K.K. Geevarghese
Kottamkolil House
Kadakkanadu P.O.
Phone – 9656131372
Mr. George Paul
Kochakkan House,
Edathala Via, Vilangau P.O.
Alwaye, Phone – 9895066625
Mr. Joy E.M
Erumala House,
Choorathodu, Vengoor
Phone – 9744776933
Mr. T.V. Pathrose Thekkineth House,
Phone – 9961914183


Comm. P.P. Thankachan
Comm. Benny Bahanan
Comm. Poulose Theppala


Chev. Jacob Parathuvayalil
Chev. T.T. Joy
Chev. C.P. Mathew Cherackakudy
Chev. Peter Keeramkuzhiyil
Chev. Poulose Pathickal
Chev. Saju Pattlattu
Chev. Thomas Thadathil

Church Managing Committee Members

V.Rev. Varghese Valayil Corepiscopa
Valayil House
N.Mazhuvannoor P.O.
Muvattupuzha- 686 689
Rev. Fr. N.P. George Narakathukudy
Narakathukudy House
Mudakkara, Kuruppampady P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 545
Ph: 9847845639, 9747366969
Rev. Fr. Paul Thomas
Ayathukudy House
Valayamchirangara P.O
Perumbavoor- 683 556
Ph: 0484 2591258 Mob: 9447050340 9526452694
Rev. Fr. Shajan.V. Abraham
Vadasseril House
Near Marthoma College
Perumbavoor P.O. Pin- 683 542
Ph: 2520121, Mob: 9446929727
Rev. Fr. Eldhose Skaria
Nedugottil House
Valayanchirangara P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 556
Ph: 2595736, 9400595736
Rev. Fr. Poulose P.O.
Pallathukudy House
Aimury P.O., Perumbavoor- 683 544
Chev. Poulose Pathikal
Pathikal House
P.P. Road, Perumbavoor. P.O.
Ph: 6534388, 9846572745
Adv. Basil Joy
Eacheramkudiyil House
Paniely P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 546
Ph: 2648597, 9961745583
Sri. Joy Kuriakose
Alappattu House
Airapuram P.O.
Pin- 683 541
Ph: 2653877, 9447144487
Rev. Fr. Poulose P.O.
Pallathukudy House
Aimury P.O., Perumbavoor- 683 544
Sri. K.P. Paul
Kallungal House
Kuruppampady P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 545
Ph: 2524827, Mob: 9847003605
Sri. Jain Mathew
Thekkedath House
S. Mazhuvannoor P.O.
Mudavoor Via, Mazhuvannoor- 686 669
Ph: 0484 2767598, 9447921566
Sri. A.V. Paulose
Ambattu House
Kuruppampady P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 545
Ph: 0484 2524690, 9447379368
Sri. K.C. Varkey
Kakkanattuparambil House
Keezhillam P.O.
Perumbavoor- 683 541
Ph: 0484 2653263, 9447344944
Sri. A.K. George
Ayathukudy House
Valayamchirangara P.O.
Ph: 9446996310
Sri. Jiji Thomas
Cherapparambil House
Allapra P.O.
Ph: 9895178767, 9656484745
Alattuchira St.mary's church0484 2648316
Allapra St.jacob Church 0484 2527908
Choorakodu St.George Church0484 2689033
Chundakuzhy St.George Church0484 2646605
Iringole Mar Gregorios Church
Krariyely St.mary's Church0484 2648329
Kunnakurudy St.George Church04842654456
kuruppampady St.mary's Cathedral 04842658510
Malayidamthuruthu St.mary'sChurch 04842682277
Mannor St.George Church 04842653811
Mazhuvannoor St.Thomas Cathedral 04842767316
Methala St.Mary's Church 04842652197
Nedungapra St.Mary's Church 04842658811
Nellimolam St,mary's Church 04842659533
Oorakkadu St.Thomas Church 04842682980
Paniyely St.George Church
parethumukal St.mary's Church 04842653328
Perumany St.George Church 04842656276
Perumbavoor Bathel Sulocko Cathedral 04842527075
Thuruthippily St.Mary's Church 04842523116
Thuruthippily St.Thomas Church 04842591454
Vengola Mar Bahanan Valiya Pally 04842520788
Vengoor Mar Kauma Church 04842645023
Vilangu St.Mary's Church 04842683509
1. Aimury St.Mary's Chapel
2. Aimury St.Thomas Chapel
3. Assamannoor St.Thoamas Chapel
4. Chooramudy Mar gregorios Chapel
5. Karukulam St.Mary's Chapel
6. Kozhikottukulangara St.mary's Chapel
7. Mudakkuzha Mar Gregorios Chapel
8. Mudakkuzha St.Mary's Chapel
9. Parambipeedika Mar Baselios Chapel
10. Pralaikkadu Mar Baselios Chapel
11. Pulluvazhy St.Gregorios Chapel
12. Pulluvazhy St.Elias 3rd Chapel
13. Pulluvazhy St.George Chapel
14. Rayamangalam Mar Baselios Chapel
15. Vaikkara Mar Baselios Chapel
16. Vaikkara St.Peter's Chapel




Rev.Fr.Aby Varkey Njeliyamparambil



Rev.Fr.Anthrayose Valiyauppttil



Rev.Fr.Babu Arackakudy



Rev.Fr.Babu John Palakkunnel



Rev.Fr.Baby Mangalathu



Rev.Fr.Behanan Pathiyarathuparambil



Rev.Fr.Belth S Kuruvilla SrambickalPuthanpurayil


Rev.Fr.Biju Kavattu



Rev.Fr.Charls Mathew Mattathiparambil
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